American Recovery Service (ARS) Aligns with the Recovery Agents Benefit Fund (RABF)

July 6, 2018

Upholding a dedication to excellence that extends beyond its proven commitment to integrity-based communications, forward-thinking technology integrations, and compliance-driven business practices, American Recovery Service sets another standard in its dedication toward social and professional responsibility.


It’s no secret that ARS strives to serve its community in a myriad of ways. Participation in both local and industry fundraising/charitable events has become a known standard of the organization.


We are not simply part of an industry we are part of a community. In many cases whether it’s our relationships with our employees, with our vendor partners or with our client partners we are often more like family than anything else. To the best of our ability we look after each other‘s best interests and support each other times of need.

To that end, as of June 2018 we are proud to share that ARS has formed a new relationship with the Recovery Agents Benefit Fund.

ARS has long supported RABF incrementally and has known of the great work they do to support those working in the recovery industry. At the 2018 Conference on Repossession Education, Networking and Training, ARS’ Chief Compliance Officer Dave Baker was announced as the newest member of the RABF Advisory Committee.


This represents ARS’ commitment to support its industry partners. Baker shared his history of involvement with RABF stating “After being assigned to ARS’ Vendor Compliance in Q1 2018, I took notice of the RABF and the work they are doing for repossession agents. I wanted to increase ARS’ involvement by personally contributing in some way to the cause.” Dave continued “As a member of the RABF advisory board I will assist in evaluation claims for assistance and will assist in rendering decisions on what level of assistance will be offered. Through the ARS Vendor Compliance role I have direct and regular interaction with a large contingent of repossession agencies. Often, ARS is the first to hear about agents facing difficult or tragic events and as such we are poised to respond to and evaluate an agency’s needs.”


Good stewardship of our in-field vendor partners holds a significance and importance that must not be overlooked. ARS will be providing fiscal support to the organization and will encourage other like entities to participate in fundraising in support of their cause.