On January 12, 2019 the Boys and Girls Club of El Dorado County/ Western Slope (BGC) held their 21st annual Heroes Night. The proceeds from this annual charity event help to ensure hundreds of youth continue to receive daily services at their BGC locations.

Recognizing the importance of supporting the youth of their community, ARS has actively participated in multiple BGC events throughout the years. This year they repeated their role as a Hero Sponsor.

Dave Copeland, COO at ARS, in his continued commitment to this worthy cause has been serving on the board for many years. Most recently, he has served as the Board President for the Boys and Girls Club of El Dorado, providing leadership and support for the club and community.

During this year’s Heroes Night, Kevin Kiley, Assemblyman for California’s 6th District, in acknowledgment of his dedication toward serving the youth in El Dorado County, presented Mr. Copeland with a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Assembly in honor of his Outstanding Leadership as Board President.

Mr. Copeland humbly commented, “Without an amazing group of people handling the day to day operations at the club, stellar leadership from the management team and a fully engaged board of directors, none of this would be possible”. Copeland continued, “We are blessed to be in a community where the residents and organizations recognize the need to support the leaders of tomorrow by investing in the youth of today”.

Sean McCartney, Chief Executive Officer of the BGC added, “Under Mr. Copeland’s leadership he has inspired the Board and staff to share the unfettered belief that what we are all a part of is truly worth the show up, worth the time, worth the effort, worth the sacrifice, worth the stretching outside of our comfort zones.  He has modeled that we are what we repeatedly do, and in the showing up, excellence is not an act or a brief moment, excellence is a habit. I am so appreciative to Mr. Copeland for helping us be strong together for the kids we serve and truly creating a place here in our county where excellence becomes our daily charge and success becomes our daily reality. Our Club and this county are better because of Dave Copeland and his leadership and the work he has done will resonate for years to come in the lives of the children that attend the Boys & Girls Club.”

ARS is honored to continue their support of such a worthwhile organization. The young people served at the Club are the future and it is through them that we can chart a better tomorrow for all of us…