The recovery industry has evolved substantially over the span of the last 25 years. Most notably, many changes have centered on advancements in technology and compliance. The introduction of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, the growth of recovery management systems and the changes in consumer protection regulations have necessitated progressive infrastructure development.

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary and reflect on our history, we are reminded that early on, we implemented a strategic technology initiative. This resulted in efficiency gains, accuracy of process and speed of communication. This initiative positioned the company for the future. We developed the original LPR Staging Model and took the lead in creating a state-of-the-art support system. Backed by a dedicated professional IT team, diligent partners and expert dispatchers, ARS provides an unrivaled LPR service solution. We were the first to develop and deploy a mobile application for our agent network. Taking the leading edge in repossession technology, ARS.mobileAgent™ served as a powerful tool for real-time account updates and on the spot repossession reporting.

Having pioneered a corporate compliance initiative, we were on the forefront in employing a robust Compliance Management System (CMS), again setting the standard. Changes in consumer protection regulations over the last decade have significantly changed the terrain of the repossession industry. These changes have resulted in explosive growth of the compliance sector. Servicing companies and agencies alike have worked to refine best practices with a common goal of delivering a transparent service experience. Recognizing the need to grow with client and industry demands, our CMS is agile with defined processes and rigorous internal controls.

Throughout the past two and a half decades, amidst all of the many changes, one constant has always remained true:  ARS has never wavered in its commitment to deliver best in class performance and award winning services.

As we look ahead to future, we will continue to focus on service, compliance and responsible growth.  ARS will always provide our clientele with customizable portfolio service solutions powered through technological integrations, and supported by an operations and compliance program that sets industry standards.

As the original repossession servicing provider: In all that we do, every single day, we never lose sight of our motto.

“To always be the standard by which the industry is measured!”