ARS and DRN: A Recovery Industry History-Making Partnership

At ARS, we believe that strategic partnerships work best when they are based on a shared sense of values. Providing superior performance through integrity based communication, integrated technology solutions, and compliant business practices are the foundation upon which we have grown our success. Partnering with Digital Recognition Network (DRN) in 2009, we found a shared sense of these values that to date remains at the heart of our collaboration. Year after year our companies have pushed each other to innovate, to do more to serve our clientele, and to set the standard for the recovery industry. Here’s a look at how we did it.

Prior to joining forces with DRN we had established ourselves as a company focused on progress through the strategic use of technology. We recognized that the key to continuing to lead the repossession industry was to embrace technology. In doing so, we were the first to take our industry to new places delivering increased value to our clients. In fact, we were the first servicing company to develop an industry specific mobile app that allows for real-time account management in the field. We also spear-headed efforts to develop integration with leading recovery software providers. No one else had been as proactive or as successful in making these kinds of technological strides on any kind of scale at that time.

In 2009 we learned about DRN and the work they were doing with license plate recognition (LPR) technology. Partnering with DRN and incorporating this technology into our existing business model made a lot of sense. Leveraging their LPR data and analytics to serve key client portfolios, it did not take long to realize that our partnership would be a win-win-win. From that point our partnership with DRN evolved from a pilot program to a fully developed 24/7 dispatch center. DRN’s LPR data fueled our recovery operations and together we have delivered over 200,000 repossessions to our clients. We have grown our LPR services from a small dispatch center to a major state-of-the-art facility impacting tens of millions of dollars in repossession value.

The “one stop shop” business model that we provide (which includes Investigation, Repossession, Agent Network Management, and Post Repossession just to name a few), has firmly seated ARS as a vital solution to our clients’ recovery needs. Beyond the indisputable financial impact we have on the auto finance market, our clients tell us that our services, including LPR repossessions fueled by DRN’s data and analytics, are irreplaceable. We could not agree more! DRN’s model is by far the most advanced; delivering not only the largest footprint, but also the best technology. DRN has revolutionized the repossession landscape and has returned over $5 billion in value to the industry. As we look to the future, we know that DRN’s infrastructure and management team will continue supporting our strategic goals.

Partnerships change and evolve – at least the good ones do. Over the years, our partnership with DRN has grown through mutual collaboration, an openness to share ideas, and an abiding trust between our organizations. We collaborate often and share challenges that our clients face. We are always ready to customize a solution that works best, providing best in class performance without ever compromising professional integrity.

For two companies focused on innovation, we share old-fashioned values that never go out of style. We work together to grow products and services for clients because we genuinely care about them and want to help them succeed. As we recognize eight years of partnership between ARS and DRN, we stand behind the shared values that got us here today and look forward to many more years of partnership.