Every quarter, ARS celebrates Team Unity in a weeklong event consisting of theme days, staff recognition, competitions, and a focus on giving back to the community. This quarter’s events included…

Recognition of our MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals):

We operate with the mindset that each and every member of our team plays an important role in providing best in class performance and service. Every single person is integral to our success and we are proud to recognize our MVPs for their dedication to excellence.

ARS is a great place to work: Our teams are hardworking and reliable. Sponsoring theme days, fun activities, and the leadership team serving the staff lunch are just a few of the ways we show our appreciation.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

Each Unity Week is an opportunity for ARS to sponsor activities focused on giving back to our community. The focus in Q3 was in support of cancer research. ARS T-shirts with the theme of “Think Pink!” were made available for team members to purchase and wear in a show of support to the cause. ARS also sponsored a weeklong competition and raffle with proceeds going to support research.

Cortney Osborne, SVP of Operations shared her thoughts on this worthy event. “Giving back to our community is ingrained in the ARS corporate philosophy. Many of the causes we are able to sponsor during unity week have personally impacted our team members. We were very excited that October has been one of our most successful drives and earned record funds for Breast Cancer awareness. We feel truly lucky to share a sense of fun and togetherness with our staff while taking time to reflect and help others. ”