Embracing sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term value, promotes growth and improvement both locally and globally. Looking inward to identify opportunities for impactful change, promoting forward thinking and actions that elevate corporate responsibility is at the core of ARS’ commitment to its employees and professional partners. That commitment continues to evolve with the changing landscape in which we operate and the community to which we contribute.
We recognize the importance of growing our responsibility to sustainability and are making conscious and thoughtful decisions to increase and expand our actions toward becoming a more sustainable company. Looking internally for opportunities for change and improvement as well as partnering with suppliers and vendors with a shared goal and ideology, we recognize our impact on the people we employ and the communities around us.
Doing our part to commit to creating a clean and safe environment, investing in technologies and people for the future, and using longer term thinking as it applies to investments in people and society, we have implemented numerous changes to include,

  • Replacing printed business cards with QR code electric business cards
  • Creating a paperless environment, no printing capabilities, emailed invoice processing
  • Implementing a remote work program that reduces consumption of natural resources such as water, land, and energy
    • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
    • Reduces consumption of fossil fuels
    • Reduces impact on transportation infrastructure in our community
  • Promoting use of company issued coffee mugs in the office, eliminating the use of non-recyclable coffee cups
  • Collecting and returning recyclable materials; giving back to our community with the proceeds
  • Shipping promotional items direct to reduce footprint
  • Utilizing E-Sites for Birthday and Anniversary Cards
  • Providing Recycle Bins on Campus at desks and Break rooms
  • Supporting clothing drives for donation and reuse

In 2016, we made the conscious decision to support more sustainable energy choices in our building operations. With five buildings on our corporate campus, we felt our contributions to the environment could be substantial. We engaged with Energy Based Solutions (EBS) to perform an environmental impact study. A primary finding was that by replacing our lighting systems with alternate fixtures and sourcing, that we would not only help the environment but also save substantial energy consumption. In fact, it was determined that we would use 61-71% less energy per year, in each building, by upgrading our systems. We made substantial financial allocations available and completed all recommended upgrades that same year. Furthermore, we have since swapped out all computer equipment to low profile, energy saving CPU’s and monitors. We are in the final phases of removing all CPU’s and moving to a complete virtual environment. Further, we have a variety of energy conservation measures in place throughout the organization ranging from timers, to HVAC modifications as well as modified use of natural gas.

ARS takes a “systems view”. We recognize that our company is part of a larger social and environmental system and that it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the resiliency of the planet.