DRN and American Recovery Service (ARS) Deliver Record Breaking Results With Nearly 250,000 LPR Recoveries

American Recovery Service (ARS) and Digital Recognition Network (DRN), announce the partnership between the companies has resulted in nearly 250,000 in auto recoveries, returning billions in asset value for auto finance customers over the last eight years. These recoveries, many of which would not have been found through traditional means, contributed to a 7-10 percent lift over traditional recovery methods when combined with ARS’ 24/7 dispatch center and investigative resources.

The partnership began in 2009 when DRN and ARS joined forces on the recovery solution for a dispatch center pilot program. “It quickly became apparent that together, we would deliver tremendous value to our auto finance customers, as well as the affiliate agents recovering the vehicles. We attribute much of our LPR growth from a small dispatch operation to a major state-of-the-art center that impacts tens of millions of dollars in asset value, to our synergies with DRN and the value of the vehicle location data they provide,” said Dave Copeland, Chief Operating Officer at ARS. Mr. Copeland continued, “Operating 24/7/365 and performing at the highest standards to produce quality results, ARS leads the industry in innovation and commitment to excellence.” This program has resulted in considerable efficiency gains for auto lenders utilizing the technology with a highly compliance-oriented mindset.

“ARS has grown to control a substantial amount of the live pick-up market share fueled by our data, the same data that revolutionized the recovery industry and has returned over $5 billion in asset value back to lenders. Working together with the award-winning team at ARS, we look forward to many more years of partnership, innovation and value creation for our customers,” said Jeremiah Wheeler, Vice President of Financial Services at DRN.

About ARS
ARS is a leader in the national repossession industry through technology and compliance oriented business processes which deliver top-tier results for the nation’s leading auto lenders including the largest banks, captive finance companies, portfolio managers, and credit unions. To find out more visit us online at https://americanrecoveryservice.com.

About DRN
DRN is a leading provider of data and analytics to the Financial Services, Insurance and Asset Recovery industries. Our solutions enable our clients to more effectively optimize their portfolios, reduce losses, detect fraud, and manage risk. An industry pioneer in vehicle location data and license plate recognition technology and services, DRN covers every major metropolitan area in the United States and maintains the largest vehicle location database under strict standards of privacy, compliance, and data integrity. To find out more, contact media(at)drndata(dot)com, visit us online at http://www.drndata.com, or call us at (817) 877-0077.