American Recovery Service (ARS), the premier investigative and repossession service provider in the country, continues to surpass benchmarks in the LPR repossession arena.


With the advent of license place recognition technology, the executive team at ARS quickly recognized the potential for a collaboration and infusion of this ground-breaking tool into the existing repossession industry model. Developing that collaboration at its infancy stages, American Recovery Service was poised at the forefront of the movement, maintaining their place as a pioneer in the industry.

What were some of the key factors in making it happen?

 We developed key partnerships with DRN, the largest LPR provider in the country, and Recovery Vendor Partners nationwide. We built a system of process and procedure supported in full by our technological and operational teams. We developed the original LPR staging solution. We followed our corporate mission to “Always develop and apply state of the art technology solutions”.


In doing so we fully embraced technology that has fundamentally changed the repossession landscape. And we are pleased to share that the foresight, dedication, and hard work paid off in a big way!


Let’s look at some of our recent results…


  • Early Q2- 2017 ARS delivered record-breaking results with 250,000 LPR recoveries.
  • 6 Million unique vehicle plates obtained since 2013


And now, two new milestones have been reached….


100,000 vehicles actively staged for LPR recovery on any given day


300,000 Total LPR Repossessions!



Leading the industry in technological progress, customized process, and superior performance, we continue to look ahead to the next opportunities for growth, proving yet again that

ARS is the standard by which the industry is measured.