Commitment, or lack thereof, often spells the difference between failure and success.

American Recovery Service has always operated with a commitment to being the standard by which the industry is measured.


Serving our clients with high standards of professionalism, efficiency, and integrity are vital to our daily operations. Ensuring that our vendor partners receive the support and guidance they need to succeed in this industry is at the foundation of our business model and is a quality upon which we consistently achieve great results. It is through the execution of these same qualities that ARS persists in setting the standard by which the industry is measured.


There is no substitute for diligence. Maintaining a fair and reasonable balance between client expectations and agent needs is a commitment that we take seriously. Ensuring our business practices are within industry operating standards and in compliance with all federal and local mandates requires focused and dedicated attention at all times. In this regard, ARS applies steady concentration, safeguarding both our clients and agents as we help to navigate the sometimes murky waters and rough terrain of compliance and performance in the repossession industry.


Every thriving business understands that success is not achieved through the efforts of a sole individual or entity. Rather, it is through the careful and consistent development and management of professional business to business relationships that true and lasting success is achieved. How do we achieve that success here at ARS? Through the dedicated efforts of our teams, their focus on smart and ethical business practice, and their commitment to positive vendor partnership.




Creating vendor relationships wherein the involved parties can count on, tap into, and rely on each other for support, direction, and insight are goals every company should strive for and are principles that we believe in and apply ourselves to daily. Our commitment to our vendor partners to work as a team in our shared goals results in unmatched performance.


Our key factors in developing healthy vendor relationships include:

  • Authenticity – openly and honestly sharing beliefs, points of view, missions, goals, and operating values.
  • Development of mutual respect- creating trusted connections, sharing and supporting through difficulty, challenges, and changes.
  • Fostering loyalty- engaging in open communication, expressing a willingness to discuss issues or concerns, shared problem solving, and promoting a dedication to continuously work on strengthening the relationship.


Our corporate mission is to not only meet, but exceed our client’s expectations. We have a responsibility to these business partners to ensure that each and every assignment is handled, from start to finish, in a professional manner that meets all SLA and regulatory requirements. Peter Willingham, CEO, commented, “Our standards are high. Every member of our team is held accountable to those expectations. Holding our vendor partners accountable to the high standards and expectations of both ARS and of our clients is integral to success of our team.”




Strict quality controls are in place to ensure our teams are performing at the expected levels of both performance and compliance.

Our system of checks and balances include:

  • Vendor onboarding evaluation
  • Regular and consistent auditing of compliance and business practices
  • Monitoring of contractual, insurance, and SLA requirements


It is not enough however to simply set expectations. We have an equally important responsibility to protect our partnerships and act as advocates for our vendor partners when faced with client scrutiny or criticism. We ensure our agents are given the support, guidance, and fair treatment they need to enable them to succeed out in the field. Our agents must trust that we are committed to their success as much as we are committed to our own.

We offer a high level of accountability to our agents by providing…

  •  Partnership
  •  Advocacy
  •  Support
  • A commitment to mutual accountability

A core operating value in our organization is to Be Accountable. We all own the successes and failures of our team. We hold ourselves personally accountable to deliver great results at all times.


Simply stated, we at ARS understand the importance of building and sustaining healthy and mutually beneficial business to business relationships. We understand that it takes a TEAM to achieve true and lasting success. A team that is committed to a shared goal and that understands the importance of accountability is a team that succeeds.