It has been a longstanding practice of American Recovery Service to step into the future with confidence and a determination for success. As the events of 2020 unfolded it was impossible to predict the true impacts of a devastating pandemic and the ensuing challenges to the automotive industry. As with every challenge we faced in our 25 years in business, ARS rose to the occasion and seized the opportunity for growth and improvement.

In response to the changes and challenges that the industry faced we assessed the needs of our partners and employees. We recognized that proactively adjusting how we do business was not only inevitable and necessary, it was an opportunity for innovation and evolution. One major step ARS took in that direction was the development and execution of a Remote Worker Certification and Enhanced Information Security program.

Overseen and regulated by our Corporate Office of Compliance and built upon a foundation of rigorously enforced employee training and information security enhancements these protocols provide a strong infrastructure to support the remote work environment.

With the guidance of our dedicated Compliance team ARS has lifted its operations to expanded levels of compliance and performance via the implementation of a comprehensive Remote Worker Compliance and Cybersecurity Training program. As an expansion to our corporate policy and security awareness training, this program provides increased support to ensure full compliance with company and client SLA’s.

This step allowed for any employee assigned as a remote worker to be “Certified Remote Worker” with attestation in place supporting an agreement and ability to adhere to ARS’ remote working standards. These factors include, but are not limited to, continued strict database confidentiality, GLBA and FCRA compliance, appropriate protection of company assets, utilization of secure exclusive-use equipment and communications systems, dedicated work space and secure escalation protocols to ensure the uninterrupted integrity of those systems. Additionally, ARS invested in a robust information security, user rights and access restriction coding project. We continue to progressively add measures for data protection.

Reshaping how we do business in a rapidly changed landscape and adjusting to the new environment in which we all found ourselves was crucial in maintaining the overall health of our company, our employees, and our professional obligations.

Through it all, we never lost sight of what was most important: Compliance, Customer Service and Support.

Serving the needs of all of our partners without compromising the integrity upon which we operate.

Supporting the health of our employees and community by ensuring our operations would continue in a manner that was safe and secure while still delivering best in class service and the highest levels of compliance and performance.

As always, we strive for continued growth and in our efforts we continuously uphold our dedication “To always be the standard by which the Repossession Industry is measured.”